Folk didn't so easily go and chat

Eila Seppä, a resident of Hämeenlinna, remembers how the first impression of the altarpiece was startling.

”When everyone was accustomed to seeing the high altarpieces of cathedrals, which rose upwards to heaven, this looked like some little splotch.” She mentions that later one became accustomed to the shape.

When the church was being built, Eila Seppä was on summer holiday in Teuva and often visited the church. Eila Seppä chatted with Tove Jansson, unlike most of the residents of Teuva.

”Folk from Teuva don’t that easily just go and chat.”

She remembers how it was said that the vicar Annala and Tove Jansson smuggled in the work Ristillä [“On the cross”] at night, against the objections of the architect Elsi Borg.